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Elevate your PMO leadership capabilities and embark on a journey towards excellence with the CB-PMO® certification from PMO Global Institute. Join a community of like-minded professionals, gain access to valuable resources, and position yourself as a key driver of organizational success. 

Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO)®

Invest in Your PMO Leadership Journey with the Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO)® Training Program 

May 4/5 & 11/12, 2024 (weekend batch) 

Discount Price: US$ 1,399

Full price: US$ 1990

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About CB-PMO® Certification Program: 

The CB-PMO® certification provides an advanced insight and vision to navigate the implementation of PMO projects in complex environments, ensuring successful delivery of strategic initiatives. 

Unlock the opportunity to become a Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO)® through our training and certification program. This credential offers a globally acknowledged approach to assess your PMO skills and showcases your ability to apply project management practices effectively. Based on rigorous standards, this certification equips you to excel across various industries and methodologies. 

Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO)®

  • Acquire advanced knowledge of PMO project implementation in complex environments. 
  • Understand the strategic rollout of PMO projects to drive successful initiatives. 
  • Develop proficiency in aligning PMO projects with organizational objectives. 
  • Master the integration of PMOs within diverse project landscapes. 
  • Gain expertise in measuring and enhancing PMO performance and maturity levels. 
  • Familiarize yourself with PMO capabilities and their integration in terms of skills, tools, and methods. 
  • Learn essential PMO tools and techniques, including customizable templates. 
  • Explore the CB-PMO® framework and the various phases and processes involved. 
  • Effectively communicate the significance of a PMO in achieving organizational goals and vision. 
  • Develop skills in strategic succession planning and talent management for PMO continuity. 
  • Recognize the pivotal role of executive sponsorship in bridging current and future states. 
  • Enhance emotional intelligence within the context of project management. 
  • Understand key documents used to establish, manage, monitor, and govern PMOs and PMO services. 
  • 21-hour Instructor led CB-PMO® training 
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • 5 years of project management experience 
  • 2 hours
  • 100 questions 
  • Multiple choice 
  • Registration Fees: Discount Price –  US$ 1,399  , US$ 1990 (full price) Includes: 
    • CB-PMO® Live Instructor Led Online Training 
    • CB-PMO® Exam Voucher US$ 499 / First Attempt 
    • CB-PMO® Exam Simulator – US$ 149 
    • AI PMO Software – Limited Edition 
    • PMO Global Institute Membership US$ 89 / First year 
    • PMOGuidebook® – Digital Edition 
    • Student workbook 
    • PMO templates 
    • 21 PDUs from PMI® 


    Additional Exam Fees: US$ 299 for Second / Third Attempt 

Step into a world of boundless potential within the domain of Project Management Office (PMO) excellence. Our certification program serves as your guiding light through the intricacies of PMO project rollouts in real-world scenarios, fueling the success of strategic initiatives. Here’s a preview of the remarkable journey awaiting you: 

🌟 Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO)®️:

Unlock your capabilities as a certified authority through our immersive training and certification program, meticulously curated for both aspiring and seasoned PMO consultants. 

🌎 PMO Prestige and Network:

Build connections within a distinguished community of PMO professionals, globally recognized for their ability to drive transformative change through strategic project management. 

🚀 Versatility Across Industries:

Cultivate the adaptability to excel across industries, empowered with the competence to seamlessly integrate diverse project management methodologies into your consultancy toolkit. 

📈 Practical Realism:

Our certification standards are thoughtfully designed to align with the authentic demands of organizations, equipping you with actionable insights for immediate real-world impact. 

🔍 Enhance Your Expertise:

Experience a pioneering approach to assessing and enriching your PMO skills and knowledge, positioning you for rapid career growth as a proficient PMO consultant. 

Embark on this journey to elevate your career and champion the future of PMO consulting. Your path to unlocking elevated success as a PMO consultant begins now! 


Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO)®️

May 4/5 & 11/12, 2024 (weekend batch) 

Discount Price: US$ 1,399

Full price: US$ 1990

For Corporate Group offers, contact us at 

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